Liquan Li Tag Switch
Tag Switch is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Tag Switch

the most innovative point of this switch design is to enable our users clearly identify each light is controlled by which different witches. Based on the traditional switch design standard, we figure out a small slot above the switch, which can place light label. The installation is simple and practical, we just need to insert the different printed label into the different slots. There is a small hole in the notch of the label plate, users can use smaller tools to eject the label paper.

Tag  Switch
Liquan Li Tag
Liquan Li Switch
Liquan Li design
Liquan Li design
Liquan Li

My name is Liquan Li, now I am the assistant professor of Shenzhen Technology University, also as a member of Shenzhen Design Union, and the industrial design expert of Economic, Trade and information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality. Up to now, I have received 28 industrial design awards, 14 design patents, and 5 design papers (3 for CSSCI). As a teacher, I decided to use the design to help the children and the elderly in the poor areas, which were all free of charge. I named the plan as a "dolphin program".


JAZI design studio is committed to innovation in industrial design, brand design research and other business areas. The company also has another brand called "dolphin", this brand is a special one, it is a public welfare brand. It serves students and other people in poor areas through design innovation. These people can use these innovative products without paying. We call it the "Dolphin help program".