Kot Ge Beijing One Majesty Sales Center
Beijing One Majesty Sales Center is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Beijing One Majesty Sales Center

The designer imagine: if there is no cultural fault or Western worship, what will the Chinese aesthetics be in this day? Based on this assumption, we determine to use a “parallel” existence to split tradition, and to dismantle and reorganize it in the method and material level, so as to demonstrate the oriental image and to build the “China” belonging to the contemporary Chinese. This is our understanding of the contemporary China, and it is also the concept that we used to design the One Majesty:Image of a parallel China.

Beijing One Majesty  Sales Center
Kot Ge Beijing One Majesty
Kot Ge Sales Center
Kot Ge design
Kot Ge design

LSDCASA was set up in year 2007, comprising three parts of business: soft outfit design and engineering, global procurement for home furnishings, one-stop home solution platform: reforging. 01. Soft outfit design and engineering Providing soft outfit design including premium customized design to real estate developers and individual customers including hotel, mega businesses, clubs, villas and sample apartments. 02. Global procurement for home products We have built up globally a premium platform for home product brands based on our extensive network of home products and artistic products. 03. One-stop home solution - Reforging Our core products include reforging home and reforging package. New products release for the first reforging was held in year 2015 in The Twentieth China International Home Production Exhibition (Shanghai). The Yizhan Store is open and the OCT Experience Center will be open soon.