Si Li We were born in China Poster Design
We were born in China Poster Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
We were born in China Poster Design

His designs are about Chinese wildlife, pandas, snow leopards and golden monkeys. They have deep Chinese symbols, precious and unique, living in China. He took it as the theme of his creation, blending into the traditional Chinese shadow puppet show. He combines these three animals with the landscape of China, and integrates the charm of Chinese landscape painting into the painting to form a unique visual expression. It feels like an animal walking on a mountain, merging with nature. He communicates that people should try to protect these beautiful species.

We were born in China Poster Design
Si Li We were born in China
Si Li Poster Design
Si Li design
Si Li design
Si Li

SI LI set up sumvisual in 2013. Selected as the top 100 Chinese youth designer, 2014. "Travel design" participated in AGDIE Asian graphic design invitation exhibition in Korea, 2014. Suzhou innovation fair attends young designers, 2016. Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016. Bolivian international poster exhibition for Bienal del cartel, 2017. Italian international A 'design award - gold award, 2018.


SUMVISUAL is a visual - based design team. It provides the precise expression language for the establishment and dissemination of the brand, and has the creative, professional and efficient design ability. It is good at combining the tradition with the present, looking for the new breakthrough of vision and culture and the unique visual language. It mainly focuses on the combination of vision and illustration.