Previtop Fire Ring Fire fighting equipment
Fire Ring Fire fighting equipment is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Fire Ring Fire fighting equipment

The Fire Ring reel was developed with the most exquisite and delicate spaces in mind, where design quality is the main focus. The inspiration for this design comes from Previtop’s close relationship with architecture and the care about living spaces. However, this design was a completely new challenge because it is the result of the first insight with European and safety norms. Thus, this piece proposes to revolutionize the way the firefighting material is devised, contributing to a reduction of visual noise and seeking to articulate a harmonious dialogue with the surroundings.

Fire Ring Fire fighting equipment
Previtop Fire Ring
Previtop Fire fighting equipment
Previtop design
Previtop design
Previtop - Comércio e Serviços Lda

Previtop was funded in 2007 aimed at services provision, trade and manufacture of fire fighting equipment. In that segment it has developed partnership agreements with main suppliers that make the difference in such a competitive market. Its activity is cantered on the production of protection and security equipment, evolving and innovating according current market demands, adapting its products to the required technical standards, quality, function and design. Since its beginning Previtop obtained a fast growth and profusion that allowed for the development of a solid and trustworthy structure with qualified staff to carry out all the services offered by the company. Currently, Previtop occupies a leading position among domestic companies operating in its segment. Previtop headquarters are located in Rio Tinto, Gondomar, Portugal and the company is registered in ANPC – Autoridade Nacional da Proteção Civil (The National Civil Protection Authority), is a member of APSEI and has EC Certified Products issued by CERTIF. In short, Previtop main challenges revolve around the development of design and quality products capable of competing with the main international brands.