Qun Wen The Curtain Sales Office
The Curtain Sales Office is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The Curtain Sales Office

The design of this project has an unique approach to use the Metal Mesh as the solution for practical and aesthetics purpose. The translucent Metal Mesh creates a layer of curtain which can blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor space- the gray space. The depth of space created by the translucent curtain creates a rich level of spatial quality. The polished stainless steel Metal Mesh varies under different weather conditions and different period of a day. The reflection and translucency of the Mesh with elegant landscape creates a calm Chinese style ZEN space.

The Curtain Sales Office
Qun Wen The Curtain
Qun Wen Sales Office
Qun Wen design
Qun Wen design
Qun Wen

Larry Wen is a passionate architectural designer who is interested in improving human social experiences in the modern world by innovative design solutions. He has around 30 years experiences in Commercial, Mixed use, Culture, education and planning. He is the founder of aoe which is a Beijing based design office. aoe becomes an influential design force focusing on contemporary design in China. His unique approach by engaging both eastern and western design philosophy makes him one of the most influential architects in China.


aoe is a design practice based in the city of Beijing. Mr. Qun Wen, the founder, graduated from the Cal Poly Pomona. He had worked as a design director at some world-renowned large international design companies. His thirty years of professional experience covers business, office, hotel, residential, educational, interior and planning. His professionalism and innovative ideas for him in the industry to win a good reputation, as the main creative, Mr. Wen Qun completed a number of design works received a number of international design awards. On behalf of the design works include the Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University Administrative Information Building, Guiyang Tianyi International Plaza, Qingdao Jinmao Central Europe International City, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Club, Chongqing Guofu Shaci culture Square and many other famous projects. The design team is a passionate and dynamic creative engine, each designer from the international background of the design agency, has a wealth of experience and open field of international vision. In the context of a rapidly developing era, the Group is concerned about the ever-changing impact of the ever-changing science, technology and art on the urban environment and people's lifestyles, and fully respects the local culture and people's living habits and provides innovation in a new way of cross-border integration The design concept, to solve and improve the urban living environment, to create a vibrant human city space, pay attention to the project in-depth research based on rigorous rational logic as a means to innovative solutions for the purpose of providing excellent design for the owners And professional services.