Ching-Ping Chang Montage Interior Design
Montage Interior Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Luxury Design Award Category.
Montage Interior Design

Since the beginning of life, the culture has been having huge influence on human life that develops the mercy, innovation, diversification, evolution, gratitude, and kindness. These are the qualities constituting the enjoyable beauty of life. The design skill of Montage derives the spirit of slow living from culture, and tears off the shackle from tradition, by means of merging classical and modern elements and reestablishing luxurious modern space without losing classical charm.

Montage Interior Design
Ching-Ping Chang Montage
Ching-Ping Chang Interior Design
Ching-Ping Chang design
Ching-Ping Chang design
Ching-Ping Chang

I really hope that a design representing Taiwan can be desperately developed in abundant and delicate attitude, which make people feel the life philosophy and wisdom contained in this project. As a Taiwanese designer whose expertise transforms the oriental elements into elaborate design, I use the western elements in the meantime that create the life style appropriately for Taiwanese. The people who use the space can enjoy the modern life as well. Every design is a crucial opportunity, making me think and reorganize how to create a Chinese-style design with world outlook. Under the conditions of budget constraints, the goal of innovation is the biggest conundrum and challenge. The space design cannot be too special to be accepted, and it must be used for everyone. Therefore, I have to take the local elements into consideration, reaching consensus for everyone and making people appreciate my design joyfully.

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As a Chinese designer, deeply perceived the importance of cultural integration between East and West, to do our best to tell the world about stories of the East, and adhere to the localization characteristics into the design, realize and modernize the ancient intelligent, Sinicize the Western design, to meet the internationalization goal by mixed the rich experience of architectural, space accomplishment, and classical elements of oriental contemporary design. Created a different mind luxury Montage aesthetic style !