Smartisan ID Team JosÉ Tronco Air Purifier
JosÉ Tronco Air Purifier is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
JosÉ Tronco Air Purifier

All basic functions can be controlled via a simple mode switch, and all insides can be accessed via an easy-to-open magnet back cover. Motion sensors are integrated creatively, so that the air purifying process will pause automatically once the back cover is removed. Semi-concealed wheels are placed deliberately so that users of all age can move the machine at ease. The whole machine is responsibly sourced and manufactured with no use of surface spraying or any hazardous matter.

JosÉ Tronco Air Purifier
Smartisan ID Team JosÉ Tronco
Smartisan ID Team Air Purifier
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JosÉ Tronco Technology Co., Ltd

The mission of JOSÉ TRONCO is to draw upon a spirit of artisanship and perfectionism to create consumer health products that offer a first-rate user experience, and to improve people's quality of life.