Florian Schätz House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow
House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow

A stonemason and his wife wanted a minimalistic new home seamless without any reveals or joints. The architect created a monolithic artefact in the landscape of the Bavarian Forest National Park. Embedded in the rolling hills the cast in lightweight concrete interplays with solid and void and frames the views of the surrounding nature under a gently pitched roof that cantilevers widely over 60cm structural walls. The energy consumption of the bungalow is as low as 32 kWh/m2. Pines from the nearby forest make the formwork and become the sustainable imprint in the exposed concrete walls.

House Nordlicht  Monolithic Bungalow
Florian Schätz House Nordlicht
Florian Schätz Monolithic Bungalow
Florian Schätz design
Florian Schätz design
Florian Schätz

Based in Singapore and Germany, FACE2050 is an architectural studio, that works internationally with flexibility, efficiency and care in the crafting of high-quality architectural products. The studio’s unique, versatile and novel approach to small, medium and large-scale projects and Its ingenuity in adaptive reuse of existing buildings attracts both recognition and blue-chip clients globally. Combining art and engineering with German pragmatism and East-Asian lifestyle, FACE2050 was founded by Florian Schätz. The German-born architect studied at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently Assistant Professor of Design & Construction at the National University of Singapore.

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FACE is a multidisciplinary architectural design Büro by Florian Schätz that crafts high-end architectural products with a focus on traditional modern living. The Büro's unique, versatile and novel approach to small, medium scale projects comes with a high level of creativity, synergy and commitment to each client’s aspiration. Its ingenuity in advancing building typologies, adaptive reuse of existing buildings and promoting the agency of architectural space attracts both recognition and blue-chip clients globally. The Büro's diverse international spectrum of work in Europe and Asia consists of cultural, residential, commercial projects as well as master planning exercises, the future of workspaces, modular building elements and smart cities. “The world undergoes a huge transformation and we require a rapid adaption to the fast-changing environment. This allows us to turn constraints into new opportunities”, says Florian Schätz