Wenkai Li, Dan Yu Seating Guide Train Ticket
Seating Guide Train Ticket is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
Seating Guide Train Ticket

It's very upset when passengers cannot quickly find their own seat due to the train corridor congestion. The Seating Guide design solves this problem by adding a seat guide map to the original ticket. When the ticket is taken, the machine will mark the seat area with black symbols, then passengers can quickly find the entrance and seats avoiding the congestion and unnecessary waiting.

Seating Guide Train Ticket
Wenkai Li, Dan Yu Seating Guide
Wenkai Li, Dan Yu Train Ticket
Wenkai Li, Dan Yu design
Wenkai Li, Dan Yu

LIYU is created by two designers, one of them is industrial designer, the other is the visual designer. The designer is passionate about life, they have a deep love of life and can be grateful.

Li Yu

This is a personal project, the designers name is WenKai Li and Dan Yu. Li Yu is created by two designers, who is a visual designer Dan Yu and an industrial designer WenKai Li. Li stands for WenKai Li, and Yu stand for Dan Yu.