Cecilia Pozzi Being Lamp
Being Lamp is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Being Lamp

The inspiration came looking strains of a fir-tree that has been cut. The strain is made to clip through from the bottom upwards, taking 100 mm of thickness at the top. After are practiced cuts along the circumference of the strain, at random, of different dimensions so as to always have different effects of light. Being is a lamp made with the use of scrap wood. It is an object of desgin of "recovery".

Being Lamp
Cecilia Pozzi Being
Cecilia Pozzi Lamp
Cecilia Pozzi design
Cecilia Pozzi design
Cecilia Pozzi

She would call herself 'eternal enthusiastic'. She likes to carry her job in her interests and her interests in her job. The great love for design has led she to specialise my career increasingly in furniture product. She is a dynamic and creative person, actively dedicated to the achievement of aims. Her personal interests are various, she particularly likes the aspects of the (artistic) expression, design and communication, and she always try to cultivate her curiosity. She likes to see things work. She thinks that work plays a fundamental role in her life. A large part of the existence of every individual is occupied by this reality and for this reason, the ideal is to work with enthusiasm and satisfaction, with people who believe in what they are doing and who are willing to learn constantly.

Cecilia Pozzi Design

Cecilia Pozzi is an interior and product designer. She studed at IED and Politecnico di Milano. Her passion for interior design has been born since she was a child. In recent years she has approached the world of product design. She is always looking for new materials and new technologies. She is currently working at an architecture and design studio in Milan.