Huang Quan Slender gold, CIFI Interior Design
Slender gold, CIFI Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Slender gold, CIFI Interior Design

Called "Slender Gold", architecture in this design plan is the high-grade private club adorned with top-floor garden, where the 8-meter-tall lobby displays grandeur and noble atmosphere. The space capacity for being either club or exhibition demonstrates diverse functionalities, of which the omnipresent artworks advocate the well-nurturing humanity cultures.

Slender gold, CIFI Interior Design
Huang Quan Slender gold, CIFI
Huang Quan Interior Design
Huang Quan design
Huang Quan design
G-ART International Architecture and Interior Design

G-ART Design, the international noted interior design company, has been for years dedicating to providing the business of exclusive-customized interior design, covering the business property, hotel, holiday resort, prime club, towering office, etc. G-Art Design’s projects comprehend globally, of which the Greenland U.S.A. Gallery, the biggest east-coast towering gallery, has been receiving much attentions. Moreover, the fist The Chedi NingHai in China is expected to open in 2007. “For every house, space or area having one-of-a-kind characteristic connecting with environments and cultures, we want to reactivate and inspire these strengths.” After 10 years since the company founded, we have more than 170 professional designers gifted in concepts initiation, projects development, construction auditing, etc. We are competitive in systematic operations and big project managements as well. We have close business relationship with top listed real-estate development companies and international hotels, notably with Greenland, Vanke, China Overseas Property, Greentown, Shimao, etc. “Market insights, customer benefits, and exceptional solutions,” the consistent mission of G-Art Design, granted honorable awards, is assuredly the leader in interior design industry.