Zora Romanska Hidden Key Collection
Hidden Key Collection is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Hidden Key Collection

The Hidden Collection is made by hand out of high quality black Italian leather. Each item is unique, what unifies them is the real vintage key inside. The focus of the collection is adaptability and multifunctionality. These items are versatile not only in terms of function, most of them are also unisex. The integrity of the form and leather was to be preserved intact so all the locks remain hidden inside magnets.

Hidden Key Collection
Zora Romanska Hidden Key
Zora Romanska Collection
Zora Romanska design
Zora Romanska design
Zora Romanska

Zora Romanska is an acclaimed designer brand with both innovative mindset and uncommon approach to life. Zora’s works interpret the delicacy of black leather and the power of silver pieces. The character of each of them is adaptable to all styles of communication and are accentuating the clothes rather than complimenting. You can find her online at or in Sofia, Paris and Milano.

Zora Romanska

“Jewellery is like art – making and wearing it can be perceived and comprehended however you like. Perception is the real psychology of art!” Zora Romanska is а painter and graphic designer, born in 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has graduated with a MFA in painting in 2007 and received a Master’s degree in graphic design and communication in 2009, both from the Academy of Fine Arts “Santa Giulia“ in Brescia, Italy, where she lived and work till 2010. With many national and international exhibitions, now she blends in beautiful alchemy painting and graphic design, to create artistic handmade leather jewelry. The first “Magnetique” collection, was shown in 2013 in SABAI Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2014 the showroom Zora Romanska opens doors. Two years in row (2015 and 2016), she has participated in “One Design Week” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Same years Zora’s work includes collaboration with Errol Douglas and different projects with photographers from Italy, Columbia, Japan and the Netherlands. Moreover, in April 2016 she takes part in Milan Design Week - the Fuorisalone and later the same year she is nominated and with the Woman of the year award from Grazia magazine in Fashion design category. In 2017 Zora continues with her work on the development of the brand with the next step of presenting it on the Paris Fashion week. The brand emphases on individuality and smart multi-functional design in the old time favorite and stylish black color. The idea of the HIDDEN COLLECTION is focused on the act of observation, on perception and on the integrity that each and every single handmade leather jewelry can present. The most emblematic for ZORA ROMANSKA – the real old KEY stays well covered under the comfort of the high quality Italian leather, and it is there to symbolize wisdom and the power to lock and unlock new doors and worlds. Much of what exists under it often remains concealed, unnoticed, somehow HIDDEN, but with its own significance and purpose. Uniqueness is beyond the visible and the obvious in this world. You have to dare to look for it.