Oval Design Ltd Central Rat Race Charity
Central Rat Race Charity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Central Rat Race Charity

The project was a charity race by making use of streets, footbridges and walkways of commercial buildings, which had a relay of 8 legs to symbolize the rat race of white collars in a city. The race was designed as a mini-scene recreation of the corporate ladder from graduate to senior executive. The relay reflected the trials and tribulations of the breakneck corporate environment. Another gimmick was two large-scale fitness games in the form of a rat running wheel and a rat trap set up in the heart of CBD for the public to experience what was like a rat.

Central Rat Race Charity
Oval Design Ltd Central Rat Race
Oval Design Ltd Charity
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Central Rat Race

CENTRAL Rat Race is a race based on the original ‘Rat Race’ events in New York and other big cities of the world. Organised by Hongkong Land Limited, CENTRAL Rat Race has been held annually since its inauguration in 2006 in the Central Business District of Hong Kong to raise funds for MINDSET, a charity supporting mental health-related organisations and projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China.