Sarp Yachts Nacre Motor Yacht
Nacre Motor Yacht is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Nacre Motor Yacht

Nacre forms the heart of a pearl’s beauty. It is the crystalline shine that gives pearls their lustre, the iridescence that has beguiled mankind for generations. Sarp Yachts has named its next generation yacht after this highly prized and resilient treasure. Nacre is a sleek yacht with every luxury imaginable. Its technological superiority is matched by the beauty of its hand-worked craftsmanship, including exquisite inlays of lustrous nacre throughout the interior. Layers of opulence to create your own pearl of the sea.

Nacre  Motor Yacht
Sarp Yachts Nacre
Sarp Yachts Motor Yacht
Sarp Yachts design
Sarp Yachts design
Sarp Yachts

Sarp Yachts has founded one of the largest (10,000 m2) and most modern facilities in the Free Zone of Antalya in South Turkey. It's specifically designed for the new-construction and refit of luxury motor and sailing yachts up to 80 m in length. Sarp Yachts is the only shipyard which has Integrated Quality Management System with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 OHSAS from American Bureau Shipping (ABS) in the Free Zone of Antalya.