Shih-Hsien Yuan State of the Art Interior Design
State of the Art Interior Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
State of the Art Interior Design

For the ingenious design skills, the high-grade manifests the elegant, cheerful, and quality of life, which reaches to its perfection by means of the magnificently mysterious atmosphere. Taking aggressively the advantage of contrast and contradictory design methods, the designer applies the characteristics of transition between the mental and physical elements, of which the residences enjoy nothing but the luxurious, fashioned and romantic atmosphere.

State of the Art Interior Design
Shih-Hsien Yuan State of the Art
Shih-Hsien Yuan Interior Design
Shih-Hsien Yuan design
Shih-Hsien Yuan design
Shih-Hsien Yuan

Mr. Yuan, with the academic degree in architecture, is a man with affections, imagination, and proficient aesthetics. For his frequent traveling among Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia, Mr. Yuan has been experiencing comprehensively about designs. Meanwhile, his personal interests in writing, image processing and music benefit himself integrating life and design. Mr. Yuan believes that life produces design. Likewise, the efforts realizing the beauty of life through the space aesthetics develop a promising future for interior design.

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The journey of design is nonstop, and the searching for opportunities is endless. The formats of design are diverse, and the continuous inventions produce new designs. Originated from the human perceptions, the space transmissions revolves vibrantly by means of the life experiences, aesthetics expressions, material qualities, and light changes. We have been committed to presenting space aesthetics in life, which is consequently better and full of surprises.