KOMAD Simplicity ECO friendly bussines bag
Simplicity ECO friendly bussines bag is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Simplicity ECO friendly bussines bag

Simple shape, clear lines and accent on ecological material is what this bag is all about. The beauty of Simplicity Bag lies in its minimalism and purity combined with high function. Straight lines are unleashed of all heavy details, and replaced with interesting and functional design solutions. Raw, rough texture of Cork material transforms the simple form into appealing fashion object. Sustainable design should be a priority in times of expendable fashion. Thank to its timeless design and highly resistant material, this bag will last for years.

Simplicity ECO friendly bussines bag
KOMAD Simplicity
KOMAD ECO friendly bussines bag
KOMAD design
KOMAD design

BAGGIZ stands for one of a kind, urban handbag design. We like to make bags for people who dare to step outside limited mainstream fashion and prefer individual and unique products.
We love innovative designs mixed with high quality materials. We started designing and producing our handbags in 2006, in Cakovec, CROATIA / EU. In the beginning, our designer Ana was trying to design perfect bag for herself. Eventually one bag turned into a dozen, and dozen turned into our own design and production company. Since then we work hard on innovative and creative bag designs that are modern but also practical, unique but also adaptive to your daily needs. We spend a lot of time testing durability of new designs before they are turned into new collections, so we can be really sure they are close enough to perfect!