sungjae Han Wine credenza II Table
Wine credenza II Table is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Wine credenza II Table

This table is called credenza. You can put sixteen bottles of wine inside, and you can choose one by rotating the handle. Fusion of table and wine holder. This work accomplishes such purpose as following. First is the pleasure to think about what to choose fully before drinking one of them, having various bottles of wine . Second is the playful pleasure to move those wines in person and it is combined with the use of a table on which you can put the bottle of wine to drink.

Wine credenza II Table
sungjae Han Wine credenza II
sungjae Han Table
sungjae Han design
sungjae Han design
sungjae Han

He naturally became interested in painting and music from an early age due to the influence of his parents who were doing art. After continuing his artistic activities, he majored in crafts in college and started making speakers with good sound quality and design. The most special thing about the speakers he makes is that the most suitable form for sound quality is the design itself. He was in charge of designing sound equipment in many countries for about 10 years, and developed and released sound equipment technology five years ago. In addition, we are invited to design fairs in various countries and participate in the exhibition every year, and we are also working on collaborative projects with various brands.


Analogizm is a design group that make speaker, furniture. Its founder Han Sung-jae has more than 10 years experience in product development, branding and marketing. Han has been involved in all areas of the furniture industry from his start as a hands-on furniture maker to running his own successful design licensing business.