Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour Fantoni Headquarter Office
Fantoni Headquarter Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Fantoni Headquarter Office

Having a practical approach, abstraction and in conclusion minimalist style is obvious in both internal and exterior areas of the project. The design aim of this project is to form a transparent space using extensive panorama windows, and to expand and intensify interior functions to exterior via designing and developing the roof as a terrace. The basic idea in design is, defining frames and separating functions by emphasizing on them. Frames are defined in two ways, volumes and in-wall frames. The volumetric frames are containing intermediary spaces like corridors, waiting room, and etc.

Fantoni  Headquarter Office
Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour Fantoni
Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour Headquarter Office
Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour design
Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour design
Samaneh Ghasempour , Amir Ghasempour

3rd skin architecture is design and architecture studio base in tehran . 3rd skin is a group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, interior design and product design that started professional activities from 2005. Result of one decade working in field of design, is designing more than 60 architectural projects and participating or achieving awards in 20 design competitions. Activity context concentrated to any subject which concludes design, from large multi-functional complex and urban design to furniture and product design. This vast field requires co-operating several professions who befit scale and subject of projects and in case joining to the group. 3rd skin awarded several national and international competitions.


Fantoni is one of brands that come from Sader Nama Trading Co . based in Tehran “Sader Nama” was founded in 2000 with the concept of elegancy and stylish kitchen, home and office, with capability of matching any taste and any style. Our main idea was to gather a complete range of products: accessories, hardware and furniture fittings at the same time and same place. It means that, you access to what you need just in one time without spending lots of energy. Our main goal has always been trying to represent the best quality and service to the customers, having 5 years of unconditional guarantee for all products is a strong proof for this. We have more than 700 products with unique design and practical usage, which all are promoted by innovation and creativity. This is why we think we are different.