Dragomir Šuka Sofia Drinking Fountain
Sofia Drinking Fountain is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Sofia Drinking Fountain

Sofija drinking fountain design whit its minimalistic form complemented by the nature of the water allows all users an equally easy access to the drinking water at any time and wherever it is installed. Characteristic is the water descent through the trough from the upper part, intended for people, to the lower part, intended for animals. Its multifunctionality is manifested in the facilitated access for the wheelchair users, people with a visual impairment (drinking water sign with tactile-touch braille), pets and feral animals through a dedicated bowl at the bottom.

Sofia Drinking Fountain
Dragomir Šuka Sofia
Dragomir Šuka Drinking Fountain
Dragomir Šuka design
Dragomir Šuka design
Dragomir Šuka

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