Vladimir Polikarpov Ora Shower panel
Ora Shower panel is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Ora Shower panel

The ORA shower system is an aesthetic detail of the bathroom that attracts attention with natural lines. It also has the ability to absorb the surrounding steam (thereby preventing settling of large amounts of moisture on the walls), purification used gray water with the possibility to send it ( and collected vapor ) in different portions of a residential or other type of space for future usuage or irrigation your green wall .

Ora Shower panel
Vladimir Polikarpov Ora
Vladimir Polikarpov Shower panel
Vladimir Polikarpov design
Vladimir Polikarpov

Awareness of every thought and action brings a person to the specified objectives. Each particle of the universe is infinitely important, and man, as a chain of constructs of the One Design of the Creator, is a phenomenon of the level of cognition of everything and design, including. Beauty for everyone is not so much all known, but as who he is for himself. Interest is a movement born of thought, which, in turn, brings all life to development ...

Polikarpov design

The activity basis of the design studio Polikarpov Design is simple and consists of the desire to bring something natural, emotional, not created before to the human space, along with an attempt to express creative ambitions that affect the psychology of the development of main cultural activities and high values of society.