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Weave Plugin is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
Weave Plugin

Weave is not simply a product, it is an invitation to converse about rethinking and redefining how tools are developed and used in collaborative processes to help humans better handle complexity, ethics, and transparency among each other. After all, design solutions that are proposed are really a collection of designers' lenses, their framing capacities, and the quality and ethics of their decisions, all derived significantly from their collaborative practices and the tools in use, and the collection of decisions from which they are made.

Weave Plugin
Gissoo Doroudian Weave
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Gissoo Doroudian design
Gissoo Doroudian design
Gissoo Doroudian

Gissoo earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She has worked on projects that involve systems design and systems thinking, research and usability testing methods, interface design, data visualization through D3, a JavaScript library, as well as programming with the C language. She cares about ethics in design, systems thinking, as well as iterative and collaborative processes. She is interested in creating frameworks for efficient workflows and processes, humanistic search engines, and rethinking content management systems.

Gissoo Doroudian

Gissoo Doroudian's projects mainly focus on researching and rethinking current workflows and ways that concepts are framed within human-to-human collaborations and the education system specifically Design education, as well as human-to-machine interactions within current tools, including content management systems and search engines. Gissoo Doroudian's design solutions value collaboration, learning, and ethics.