David Polasek Lumen Hasta Outdoor LED light
Lumen Hasta Outdoor LED light is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Lumen Hasta Outdoor LED light

Hasta is prototype of urban LED lamp with high lifting performance for public space instalation. Can be situated along the pavement lane, street line, city square, park zone and residence yard space. Construction of aluminium body shell is mimimized into slimmest aerodynamical shape as possible and is still able to offer enough space for all electrical, operational, power devices inside.

Lumen Hasta Outdoor LED light
David Polasek Lumen Hasta
David Polasek Outdoor LED light
David Polasek design
David Polasek design
David Polasek

I am founder of Novo Design company which is specialized in industrial and transportation design. My personal best achievements are all successfully produced projects that I was collaborate on and all awards I received. It brings a lot of satisfaction and energy to another peaks in design and art work. The base point of Novo Design studio is to help our clients being more competitive on global market and to make our public space better, nice and functional. Being focused and staying concentrated in each of my project is my strongest point.

Novo Design

Studio from Czechia - Zlin represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 by David POLASEK and is formed as professional agency of designers who represent the brand of NOVO. We form young and creative team which is specialized in vehicle design, industrial design, product design and graphic styling. We became a part of Science & Technology park in 2015.