Kris Lin Twisting Exhibition Area
Twisting Exhibition Area is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Twisting Exhibition Area

This is a design work displayed in the exhibition. It is positioned as a Lounge bar and its styling is conceptual. Designers wanted to create a different “prototype” in a way other than the traditional way by exploring different possibilities of the bar with futurist feeling. The design is inspired by the winding and intertwining concept. All the inspirations emerge in the moment and twist together to form a new design idea. Therefore, it is named "twisting". The space is formed by twisting structures, making the overall styling become very artistic, blending and independent.

Twisting Exhibition Area
Kris Lin Twisting
Kris Lin Exhibition Area
Kris Lin design
Kris Lin design
Kris Lin

2001 came to Shanghai and built “KLID Design Office” to work on the interior design for architecture.

Klid(kris Lin Internationaldesign)

KRIS LIN INTERNATIONAL DESIGN was established in Taipei at first , it’s main business includes architecture design, interior design、Decoration、Construction、landscape design. This company provides service forgeneral customerIn a professional position with rich work experience. Based on the Shanghai