Kris Lin Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse

This project is a part of hangzhou zhongnan project, which is a residential community. The designer adopts an abstract approach in the interior design while combining the fantastic natural beauty of Hangzhou aiming at to create an atmosphere of one flower, one scenery and one step, one story. Lighting is the key design of this case. Particular design approach is adopted to create a warm atmosphere. The designer outlines structure of the space and make the overall space full of sense of art.

Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse
Kris Lin Zhongnan Mansion
Kris Lin Clubhouse
Kris Lin design
Kris Lin design
Kris Lin

2001 came to Shanghai and built “KLID Design Office” to work on the interior design for architecture.

Zoina Land

Zhongnan group was established in February 1988, the existing staff of 50000 people, the total assets of more than billions, comprehensive business income is 85 billion, 2016, profits of nearly 8 billion, central south land, south building, central south central south capital, central finance, civil, zhong nan industrial , seven zhong nan construction industry sector, with 262 companies, of which 169 independent legal person enterprises and sub branch 93, business covers real estate development, project general contracting, sponge city construction, underground utility tunnel construction, municipal engineering, rail transportation, installation, decoration, steel structure, energy, engineering equipment, mining, financial investment, business and other fields, business throughout the country's 18 provinces, more than 70 DeXianJi cities and overseas market.