He Huawu Minze-Style Select Shop Retail store
Minze-Style Select Shop Retail store is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Minze-Style Select Shop Retail store

The MINZE-STYLE clothing brand Select Shop is located next to the Central Park, The interior space is supposed to present the charm of the primitive and wild nature, and steel cladding is used to bring out a sense of reality.In the meantime, the flexible nature of “arch” is fully made advantage of to create different spaces so as to avoid similar experiences. The arches are connected with the first and second floors which create interesting spaces and can arouse the customers’ curiosity.

Minze-Style Select Shop  Retail store
He Huawu Minze-Style Select Shop
He Huawu  Retail store
He Huawu design
He Huawu design
Fujian MINZE-STYLE information technology co. LTD

In 2017, The company fully integrated resource offline layout, build platform + and diversification of customers as The main body, a one-stop experience stores - The MINZE - STYLE from "private custom, beautiful theory, social brand, own brand" four aspects, catering to The high-end women customers demand for quality life he inherited The traditional Italian fashion charm design STYLE, combined with Oriental metropolis female physical beauty and popular elements of different parts of The world. The MINZE - STYLE,With designers as severe, selecting each piece of fashion and accessories with critical eye reviewing each garment clipping and colour highlights internationalized metropolis style, quality and compatibility of Chinese and western culture personality and not make public, inheritance classical fashion, the combination of classical and soul with great style shopping environment, sweet and warm, professional services, to customers with "exquisite and elegant" shopping and life experience