Fu Zhih-Chi Code Prototype Modular Jacket
Code Prototype Modular Jacket is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Code Prototype Modular Jacket

The "Code Prototype" is a modular jacket. We deconstruct the jacket into three main parts: Collar, Sleeve and Body. Users can recombine the jacket form and functions by different parts, just like gears. Modular constructions are easier to fix or just changes the damages part. The users don't have to dump the whole jacket just because of small damage. We also hope this semi-customized design can make deeper connections between the products and human. Not just follow the “Fast Fashion”. We want to make fashion design more environmentally friendly and allow people to cherish their outfits.

Code Prototype Modular Jacket
Fu Zhih-Chi Code Prototype
Fu Zhih-Chi Modular Jacket
Fu Zhih-Chi design
Fu Zhih-Chi design
Fu Zhih-Chi

I'm a fashion designer from Taiwan. I'm interested in Modular and Deconstruction design. Today, fashion changes more and more quickly. I hope I could use the design to remind people to cherish the good design. I feel that fashion is not just to create stunning clothes, there's also a social responsibility embedded in the fashion industry. Could contact me through:

Fu Zhih Chi

I am fashion designer from Taiwan. I start my own studio GearCELL from 2017 We are focus on the clothing details and constructions. We ultimate aim is that create the modular clothing which can be mass production. Create the new clothing system which is easier to fix. It can trans forms and functions by user.