Ni Wang House W Residence
House W Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
House W Residence

It took three years to complete the design of House W with numerous redesign and adjustments in between. Atelier About Architecture has invested great effort and the process witnessed its own growth. As the owners of the project, the architect duo was playing as both Party A and Party B during design, and the key is to clarify the expectations on living and to solve possible problems with absolute sincerity.

House W Residence
Ni Wang House W
Ni Wang Residence
Ni Wang design
Ni Wang design
Atelier About Architecture

Atelier About Architecture was established in 2013. The Founders Wang Ni and Zhang Dawei received comprehensive architectural education after moving to Australia in their early years and practiced on architecture and interior design in many different countries. The two founders are dedicated to the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture under the background of internationalization to dispel the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. The Chinese name of the office came from the verse “Right leads to the liberty, left, and scholar’s dormitory” in Thousand-Character Classic, which advocates for the aspiration of exploring the contemporary spirit of China’s architecture and the return of tradition in contemporary lifestyle.