Frankie Yu Bathing at Dawn Interior Design
Bathing at Dawn Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Bathing at Dawn Interior Design

Being Green is an unaffordable luxury among densely populated residential buildings in the concrete jungle. Therefore, one of the highlights of this design is the creative introduction of unique green elements into the living space; at the same time, the designer’s aim was to echo the space’s large wooden and stone areas to create a living environment that is relaxing, comfortable, and organic.deliberately included fewer decorative elements on the ceilings, walls, and window frames so that the feeling of space in this flat would come from the occupants’ five senses.

Bathing at Dawn Interior Design
Frankie Yu Bathing at Dawn
Frankie Yu Interior Design
Frankie Yu design
Frankie Yu design
Frankie Yu

Guru Design, an interior design company founded in 2005 and located in Taipei City, Taiwan. It is involved in developing various projects in residential, commercial, office and retail areas. With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of interior design, Designer, Frankie Yu’s philosophy is about respecting the original essence and aims of creativity, functionality and eco-friendly. “Luxury does not manifest one’s taste and attitude.” With this belief, Guru Design works closely to optimize the environment and uplift the quality of user’s living as well creating spaces full of uniqueness, elegance and satisfaction. Guru Design is able to incorporate elements to make it the owner’s dream space.

Guru Interior Design Consultant

Emphasizing the relationship between mankind and space, the taste of life and the point of view of art makes the uniqueness of achievement design,With more rational space planning, shape the essence of space; space aesthetics as the basis, to create a different space field area