Pasu Roungpanyaroj The Deconstruction Kinetic jewelry
The Deconstruction Kinetic jewelry is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry Design Award Category.
The Deconstruction Kinetic jewelry

Deconstruction and kinetic method are key motivation of this unique jewelry. Its concept is using idea and technique of changing the prime configuration, adjusting structure's axis or position. Breaking traditional practice and perception is challenging. This jewelry was designed by the kinetic system to be able to change to multiple shape which are significantly different from the same ones. The wearer could use a crank on it to activate and change the structure. Such gimmicks amaze wearers.

The Deconstruction Kinetic jewelry
Pasu Roungpanyaroj The Deconstruction
Pasu Roungpanyaroj Kinetic jewelry
Pasu Roungpanyaroj design
PASU It's Alive

Our jewelry brand is creative and fun to play with because the main concept is based on functionality, movement and kinetic qualities. We use mechanisms in our jewelry to make each piece move and transform into another shape. This creates interaction between the wearer and the observer. Using 3D technology allows us to create more complex mechanisms.