Yasuhito Takeuchi Sharaku Poster
Sharaku Poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Sharaku Poster

Work exhibited at the Tokyo Design Week specialty category "Inspire Exhibition". The theme was Sharaku. There is no setting of an era or a period there are experimental challenges and it includes the impact for the art direction. Sharaku has boldly exaggerated the faces and bodies of the Kabuki actors. This type of technique has been an unique one at that time and as well a progressed idea in the scene. Therefore I wanted to show the Sharaku’s view of the world in my own way of boldness and expressed myself freely.

Sharaku Poster
Yasuhito Takeuchi Sharaku
Yasuhito Takeuchi Poster
Yasuhito Takeuchi design
Yasuhito Takeuchi design
Yasuhito Takeuchi

VENUE Inc. is a creative design studio in Tokyo, not only from the design but also from the planning stage, providing high-quality creatives. From good old things to new things, not only advertisements and graphics, but also from concept planning to product design and production.The genre of work to be handled is widespread including enterprises, entertainment, education, interior, public facilities. Those jobs will continue to pursue powerful results that explore the client's challenges and go beyond the scope of the task.

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK "Inspired by SHARAKU Exhibition"

New York's "Designer's Saturday" Tokyo edition (1986-1996) as a predecessor, the leading event in Japan that has been held as "Tokyo Design Week" since 1997. We introduce companies, artists, students, architecture, products, graphics, media art and others. Companies, organizations, embassies, media, schools, creators, from domestic and overseas participate, develop promotions, presentations, test marketing, business matching and so on. 100 thousand visitors. The theme of "Inspire Exhibition" where selected creators can participate is "SHARAKU". Approximately 50 people freely announce the work inspired by SHARAKU.