Li Hui Spirit City Electric Vehicle
Spirit City Electric Vehicle is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Spirit City Electric Vehicle

The design of the electric car caters to the needs of the city's congested roads, while pure electric cars meet the current theme of environmental protection and energy conservation. Judging from the size of the car, the car has some advantages in parking and crossing congested channels. As a vehhicle, designers integrate the safety considerations into the design, and the design is rigorous.

Spirit City Electric Vehicle
Li Hui Spirit
Li Hui City Electric Vehicle
Li Hui design
Li Hui design
Li Hui

Li Hui, who has been engaged in the research of electric vehicles for more than 30 years, likes painting since childhood, making model airplanes, model cars and model ships. When he was in college, he chose the industrial design major combining technology and art, which eventually made him an industrial designer. His wish is to design green environmental protection products that are really used by human beings.

Nanjing Jiayuan Special Electric Vehicles Manufacture Co., Ltd

The company has focused on pure electric vehicles since 1982. At present, Jiayuan has mastered the core technology of electric vehicle driving system and powertrain core technology, include the application of motor, battery pack and intelligent charge. In 2016, the product Spirit obtained EEC certification of the Europe.