Davut-Cigdem Tambahar Sesa Office Building
Sesa Office Building is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sesa Office Building

Our goal was simple. To create a contemporary and functional spaces in an existing building. It was hard to work with an existing building because it is really hard to solve areas when the main building construction system is blocking your way. Our customers love color, and ask for it. So we made a colorful, energetic efficient working spaces for them. Since we finished the construction and delivered the offices they start to use the areas with comfort from the firs day.

Sesa Office Building
Davut-Cigdem Tambahar Sesa
Davut-Cigdem Tambahar Office Building
Davut-Cigdem Tambahar design
Davut-Cigdem Tambahar design
Sesa Ambalaj

Our client believes into honesty and reliability, the development of quality, research and product improvement, team work and continuous training. they don’t target to control the quality, but to produce quality. Their market vision is to grow step by step based on their resources, with the spirit of fair play according to the rules of the game, without embarking on an adventure, leaned on rational and continuous research by adhering to our principles.