Architecture_Interspace Cream Affair Dessert Studio
Cream Affair Dessert Studio is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Cream Affair Dessert Studio

An ice cream parlor has been renovated with utmost care and unparalleled flair! Sitting on a prime site i.e. the White town area in Pondicherry, India, Architects Madhini and Goutaman Prathaban of Architecture Interspace give us a sinfully delightful space true to its setting. A staircase can be any things; a surprise element, the focus or just a backdrop. This compact 900 sq. ft. space seems much larger due to the cascading white galleria steps that apart from serving the obvious purpose can also be used for multiple forms of group seating.

Cream Affair Dessert Studio
Architecture_Interspace Cream Affair
Architecture_Interspace Dessert Studio
Architecture_Interspace design
Architecture_Interspace design

Goutaman Prathaban is a passionate and qualified Architect from Pondicherry, INdia who graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture & Urbanism [Design Research Lab] from the renowed Architectural Association, London. His interest in exploring radical design ideas and articulating architectural spaces pushed him to participate in various national level competitions. He has been associated with Architecture_Interspace from 2014. After completing masters degree, his design methodology is strongly inclined towards computation in the realm of architectural design. His excitement and interests lie in the possibilities of the architecture of tomorrow; one that is molded by new facets of design in digital technology and multi-disciplinary teams with research and experimental design approach.


Architecture_Interspace [a_Is] is an architecture and construction firm based in Pondicherry. As a young architecture firm, a_Is has a keen interest in exploring creative ways of engaging with related professions and clients. The core philosophy of a_Is is to deliver holistic, sustainable and realistic solutions. This is realised through an in-depth understanding of clients’ practical needs and market realities. The a_Is team is passionate about combining innovative designs with timeless materials and contemporary fabrication techniques. The firm always strives to widen its knowledge base by pushing boundaries, challenging conventional wisdom and stepping out of its comfort zone.