Svilen Gamolov Exo Chair
Exo Chair is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Exo Chair

The Exo chair is designed for use in the interior space. The design idea is represented of a minimalist approach of the shape. This solution is inspired by the desire to create a product with clear visual language. The name of the chair comes from the Greek word Exo, meaning outside. This is a slight hint addresed to the viewer about the need to escape beyond the visual overflow of the daily communication. The chair is made of steel construction and upholstery. Exo will be available in a wide range of colors.

Exo Chair
Svilen Gamolov Exo
Svilen Gamolov Chair
Svilen Gamolov design
Svilen Gamolov design
F2 Furniture company, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Founded in 1980 and specialised in work under contract for the production of tables and chairs for the residential, contract and office sectors as company “Emme.I.” (italian “M” (emme) and “I” (e') shorten from “mobile italiana” - Italian furniture) has rapidly succeeded in becoming an international leader, exporting products with a tangible quality the world over. In 2011 the brand Emmei has been taken over by F2-Form and Function S.r.l., a division of the international industrial group “NIKROM Group”, operating in the furniture field since 1991 and one of the leading european manufactures for home and office solutions. Only an year later, F2 become the brand name and official corporate identity of the collections provided by the company. Thanks to a 20-years-long experience and a solid know-how, F2 is developing the brand further, allowing it to continue to grow internationally. The company is proposing a wider and diversified choice of furniture products in contemporary lifestyle, both for indoor and outdoor, but is also dedicating its creative and productive resources to parallel areas: the contract and the office sector. The company is improving its growth profile and strengthening its leading positions on key markets: F2 is present in more than 65 countries all over the world and 60% of its turnover is generated outside Italy, holding its major market shares in Europe.