Benjamin Kwok Insta360 ONE VR Action Camera
Insta360 ONE VR Action Camera is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Insta360 ONE VR Action Camera

The Insta360 One is the most versatile 360° camera ever. Compact and intuitive, it’s ready for standalone use, remote control via Bluetooth, and direct connection to a phone for live-streaming. It also introduces Free Capture, a new way to create video. It lets users capture every angle of an experience at first. Then, they can easily re-frame the best parts by peering through their phone display into the original 360° recording to create a new video.

Insta360 ONE VR Action Camera
Benjamin Kwok Insta360 ONE
Benjamin Kwok VR Action Camera
Benjamin Kwok design
Benjamin Kwok design
Benjamin Kwok

Benjamin Kwok is an industrial designer specialize at electronics design.

Shenzhen Arashivision Company Limited

Founded in 2014, Insta360 is the world leader in 360-degree cameras. Insta360 cameras empower people to freely share experiences – full, immersive, lived experiences – no matter the time or place. Based in Shenzhen and immersed in the city’s incomparable hardware ecosystem, Insta360 prides itself on creating groundbreaking products that push the envelope of both performance and accessibility. With an Insta360 camera, users can take 360-degree photos and videos in high definition, and live-stream their experiences directly onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. When viewed in a VR headset, Insta360 experiences can transport people into places and moments they’ve never before imagined.