Feed Me Light Wrapify Commercial Animation
Wrapify Commercial Animation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Wrapify Commercial Animation

The illustrative world of Wrapify came to life through its environments, immersive cityscapes with depth and dynamism that captured the nationwide reach of the company’s scope. Through each city’s characteristic colour schemes and layouts, the short serves as a true reflection of some of the USA’s most iconic locations. A wide array of diverse and wholesome characters were designed as an identifiable collection of both drivers and spectators that could represent any individual across the nation, animated with a truly handcrafted feel and nostalgic warmth in its use of traditional techniques.

Wrapify Commercial Animation
Feed Me Light Wrapify
Feed Me Light Commercial Animation
Feed Me Light design
Feed Me Light design
Feed Me Light

Denis Bodart is the founder of Feed Me Light, a London based creative studio specialising in character animation that is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like the creative team. Strong talent drives the Feed Me Light studio and the distinct creative style of the founding team is known for its light hearted view, humour and attention to detail. Driven by narrative and lovers of craft, the team delivers unique pieces for clients and brands. As a company they strive to be straight up, honest and all round good sorts, knowing this will create partnerships that allow for collaboration, joint vision and shared success.


Over the last two years the Wrapify brand has grown significantly, from what people perceived as a singular local city service with a few cars, to a nationwide advertising service. With impact disruptive marketing, called Swarms, and heavy investment in technology with client access to real-time analytics, these were important elements of the Wrapify brand and its services that needed reflected in the campaign. Available nationwide across all of the US, it was important that we covered multiple locations to show its scale, but also the reach and accessibility to people, hence character animation being a driving factor.