Taiju Yamashita Dip Corporation Office
Dip Corporation Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Dip Corporation Office

The office relocation project of DIP Corporation which manages the biggest part-time job search engines Baitoru. It’s design focuses on improve communication that cultivating employee’s “dip” way of thinking: dream, idea, and passion. Various size conference rooms are arranged in the open area in order to respond flexibly to meetings with many visitors everyday. In addition, meeting booths and benches are arranged at the window to utilizing the beautiful view from the 31st floor.

Dip Corporation Office
Taiju Yamashita Dip Corporation
Taiju Yamashita Office
Taiju Yamashita design
Taiju Yamashita design
Taiju Yamashita

As a specialized group with strengths of design and realization capabilities, we provide comprehensive designs related to space creation such as interior, product, architectural design, etc. We identify the issues faced by operations from a creative point of view and create designs that will become the norms of the future. We are aiming for the circulation of happiness to the whole world through design.

DIP Corporation

DIP Corporation runs one of the biggest job search engine in Japan. As a result of firmly capturing the market and achieving explosive productivity in attracting job seekers, their operating sites have realized exceptional results in the number of contract companies and job listings, outclassing others in their fields. Moreover, the total job portal site enables job seekers to find job postings regardless of the type of employment they seek.