Marina Baranova Sauna Habits Stove
Sauna Habits Stove is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Sauna Habits Stove

According to different sources, traditional wood-burning sauna stoves have one of the highest emission factors among residential heating appliances. The suggested solution includes a structure that makes the airflow circulate inside the stove to provide a better heat exchange and effectively burn combustible gases and particulates. The core is made of fireproof concrete, that resists temperatures high enough to achieve almost total combustion of wood. Its properties to accumulate and radiate heat for a long time allow using less wood.

Sauna Habits Stove
Marina Baranova Sauna Habits
Marina Baranova Stove
Marina Baranova design
Marina Baranova design
Marina Baranova

Marina Baranova is a Helsinki-based industrial design MA student, passionate about product and industrial design field. During her Bachelor's and Master's studies and work, Marina gained experience and skills in concept development, research, idea communication through sketching, and visualization in both 3D and 2D software. Her design approach is to focus on user experience, interaction, and aesthetics.

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