Peter Ippolito Bovet Clock Tower Clock Tower
Bovet Clock Tower Clock Tower is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Luxury Design Award Category.
Bovet Clock Tower Clock Tower

In association with Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Bovet, we’ve developed a five metre clocktower installation. Placed in the Asterium Towers of Seoul’s Yongsan Business District, it serves both as an attraction and a meeting point. The tower’s shape is a contemporary interpretation of a classic clocktower. Its moebius strip represents the conception of infinity and the eternal cycle of time. Depending on the perspective, this theme is further reinforced by the perceived shape of an eight, a symbol of luck and fortune in Chinese culture.

Bovet Clock Tower Clock Tower
Peter Ippolito Bovet Clock Tower
Peter Ippolito Clock Tower
Peter Ippolito design
Peter Ippolito design
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