Tomohiro Horibe Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry belt indoor
Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry belt indoor is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry belt indoor

This is laundry belt for interior use. Compact body that is smaller than Japanese paperback looks like tape measure, smooth finish with no screw on surface. 4 m length belt has total 29 holes, each hole can keep and hold coat hanger with no clothespins, it works for quick dry. The belt made of antibacterial & anti-mold polyurethane, safe, clean and strong material. Max load is 15 kg. 2 pcs of hook and rotary body allow multiple way use. Small & simple, but this is very useful indoors laundry item. Easy operation and smart install will fit any types of room.

Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry belt indoor
Tomohiro Horibe Brooklyn Laundreel
Tomohiro Horibe Laundry belt indoor
Tomohiro Horibe design
Tomohiro Horibe design
Tomohiro Horibe

TOMOHIRO HORIBE is first-class licensed Architect, product designer and company president of his own building material selling company. Born in Japan 1969 and studied Architect at Tokyo Metropolitan University. First career was condominium design at construction company for 5 years. Second career was product development and product design at Log Home building company for 8 years, and lived in Vancouver of Canada 3 years at that time. During construction business career total more than 13 years, learned about building material a lot. Established Material World in 2006 that is building material selling company in Japan. Many of selling products are very unique and special item because not selling regular item, but selling original producing items. Not only product design, but also packaging design, product name, brochure design, lighting done by own. Loves recycled material, natural products, and brand new ideas.

Material World

Material World providing unique design & like no other building material from all over the world to Japan, just like treasure hunting. Not only just importing existing material, Material World is doing original design or modify design for Japanese architecture trend, module, or building code. Chief buyer Tom Horibe is qualified as a first-class architect and a first-class architectural construction and management engineer of Japan, and he select material or design from his architectural point of view. That is why Material World items are always good quality and something new, and something wonderful, and well designed for easy installing.