Gao Fenglin Meditation Seat Ware
Meditation Seat Ware is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Meditation Seat Ware

This is a seat with a curved surface shape, people can easily achieve cross legged sitting by it. This seat ware can effectively distribute the force of the buttocks of the human body evenly to the outside of the knee and the thigh. Even if keeping long time this posture, we will not feel tired. The back can feel the support of the caudal vertebrae, increasing the support of the waist. This design is not only a reflection of culture, but also a study of ergonomics.

Meditation Seat Ware
Gao Fenglin Meditation
Gao Fenglin Seat Ware
Gao Fenglin design
Gao Fenglin design
Gao Fenglin

I am a teacher in China Academy of Art, I teach industrial design, I got my Ph.D degree in 2014, and My research is about a new visual angle about design called Micro Design. Also using this special method I won a lot of international design awards, including one Red dot Award best of the best, 5 Red Dot Awards, 2 iF Awards,2 Universal Design Awards, 1 Design for Asia Silver Award, 1 China Good Design Gold Award, 2 Golden Pin Awards of Taiwan, 4 Successful Awards and so on. Also I won the Big ben Award of Britain in 2017, that commended outstanding Chinese youth with great contributions worldwide. And I was last year's Design Exchange Ambassadors of China and UK. In 2014, I was invited to give a speech in TED to introduce my research of Micro Design.

Nanoin Design

The word ‘NANOIN’ came from philosophical reflection of micro design. The Chinese word ‘wei’(with the same meaning of micro) appeared earliest in Oracle with the meaning of ‘old people walking slowly with crutch’. That was used to describe elder’s weak image. Modern Chinese explains this word including 3 key meanings: small size, softly and vague. Micro design, using traditional Chinese philosophy to balance the relationship of human, objects and environment. Human changes objects carefully in order to make everything develops correctly and naturally. The extent of that people feel the object depends on people’s mind. Miscellaneous objects constitute the environment and the integral effect influences the sense of human. So we put both object and human to the whole environment to discuss their future for the purpose of getting the best equilibrium point. Treating object gently and changing object carefully is a way to mitigate burden on the environment. Also is what NANOIN always want to say. We hope these small efforts could be eventually aggregated to be a great change of our living home.