ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Poetic Journey Hotel
Poetic Journey Hotel is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Poetic Journey Hotel

The Art Rotana, in design, evolves around themes expressive of the a futuristic Oasis. It is reflective of a Bahrain aspiring to create Windows like eyes looking out into the world through which the world is also looking back at. Forms and surfaces open up minds to see collages of the past in context of the present integrating with visions of the future.

Poetic Journey Hotel
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Poetic Journey
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd Hotel
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd design
ETHOSpace Pte Ltd

For each achievement for David at this point of his career, most important is his sense of fulfillment that can be extended as inspiration to the younger generations. He carries a message to them who have chosen design and art as a profession that all is possible even from the humblest of beginnings as in his case. Today if asked what is his most treasured possession, his response would be the renewed spirit in him instilled by a growing awareness of the need to master, serve, and grow.


Rotana Hotel Management Corporation (Rotana) was founded in 1992, by a partnership between two visionary thinkers, Nasser Al Nowais and Selim El Zyr. Operating as Rotana, it opened its first property, the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi in 1993 and is today one of the leading hotel management companies within the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe. Rotana is a company offering the best of both worlds. A unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East combined with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing to years of international experience in the service industry. Rotana's aggressive expansion plans are seeing the company grow from 2 properties in 1993 to a total of 100 by 2020. With several further properties planned for opening and new projects in the pipeline confirming the company’s intention to have a Rotana managed property in all the major cities throughout the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe within the next five years.