Attila Stromajer Faith Standing lamp
Faith Standing lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Faith Standing lamp

This lamp creates the ambiance for contemplation and symbolizes the significance of faith modified to suit modern time. People need stability and calmness in ever changing fast-paced and information-packed world. This lamp was made of ash wood, the bottom is stainless steel. It has three LED circuits, what you can set separately by a remote control. The diversely adjustable illuminants give many options for altering the lights expanding the mode of action from soft mood to full illumination. It can be placed on the wall with a console.

Faith Standing lamp
Attila Stromajer Faith
Attila Stromajer Standing lamp
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer

The man behind Stroo Design is also a full-time psychologist. Among other things, his works are inspired by this profession. He is working on getting people to discover feelings they had been unable to have before. He tries to help them find their balance and joy. As a designer, his aim is the same, although he reaches it by using materialized tools. With everything he makes he would like to add to our harmony and enrich our world. Through his designs he wants to generate feelings, thoughts and enhance people’s world.

Stroo Design, Attila Stromajer

Stroo Design is the embodiment of the efforts and aims of two psychologists. After they spending several years in their profession, now they try to transform their experience about the drives and needs of the soul in to objects that are parts of our every day life. These pieces surround us constantly and they in evitably make an impact on our mental states. They evoke moods, feelings and thoughts this way they affect our psyche. The works of Stroo Design team and their approach are focused on well-being. Every piece gives you opportunity to fulfill different needs.This way you can improve your relationship with yourself to be able to relate to the outside world better. Stroo design's creations emphasize uniqueness, sustainability, and novelty in functional solutions. They believe these features lift our products to a higher level than simply functioning as furniture. They are not only tools, they are more: in line with you.