Fabio Borsani Univet 5.0 Safety Smart Glasses
Univet 5.0 Safety Smart Glasses is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
Univet 5.0 Safety Smart Glasses

A specifically designed pair of safety glasses, equipped with the holographic wave-guide technology for the most comprehensive augmented reality experience dedicated to the industrial and professional use. A safety eye-wear designed to comply with EN 166 and ANSI safety standards, Over-Spec in order to accommodate operator’s existing prescription glasses, provides a monocular projection system with a 3D adjustable position to fit several papillary distance and different application needs.

Univet 5.0 Safety Smart Glasses
Fabio Borsani Univet 5.0
Fabio Borsani Safety Smart Glasses
Fabio Borsani design
Fabio Borsani design

Univet is a leading manufacturer of Safety, Laser, Clean Room and Loupes surgical magnification systems. A company that twenty years ago started from the passion of a visionary entrepreneur, Ing. Armando Portesi. Today Univet is the Italian national leader up against top global brands. Univet currently conducts business in 75 Countries, with an average yearly growth of 12% per annum with a turnover of 23.5 million Euros, of which 70% is being represented through its export sales.