Ruben van Megen Cafe 6116 Dining table
Cafe 6116 Dining table is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Cafe 6116 Dining table

Ferdinand Bol and Rembrandt van Rijn captured them in the 17th century portraits of aristocrats. In the 20th century, the Persian carpets on top of the table emerged to the average households and disappeared in the nineties. The contemporary collection Café 6116 is inspired on this. The full collection contains a dining table, three coffee tables and floor tiles in which actual Persian carpets are processed. That carpets carry memories and secrets in them. Those memories are captures. The construction comes in two colours; anthracite steel and a hand polished bronze.

Cafe 6116 Dining table
Ruben van Megen Cafe 6116
Ruben van Megen Dining table
Ruben van Megen design
Ruben van Megen design
Ruben van Megen

Ruben van Megen (1984) graduated in 2012 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). His passion for design and fascination for material research are a guarantee for high profile and unique work. The work of Ruben is internationally showed on a regular basis. For example at the Salone del Mobile, during the London Design Festival and at the Dutch Design Week. The collection Café 6116 is part of the collection at different international galleries and to be seen in the Red Dot Museum in Essen (Germany) until May ’18. Please visit for further information.

Ruben van Megen

Our designs are 100% Dutch. They are skeched up and made in our own studio and workshop. Every piece we designe with love and attention. Characteristic for our designs is the experimental character and new materials. Due to a wide range of interests and thorough schooling, Ruben works with different kind of materials, techniques and machinery.