Fernanda Marques Groenlandia Residential House
Groenlandia Residential House is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Groenlandia Residential House

For more adequate that an architectural project may be, the program that has to be supplied by a construction varies over time, demanding, not a few, functional and constructive alterations. As it happens, with these elegant lines, the 740 m² residence, constructed around the year of 1950, in one of the most noble neighborhoods of São Paulo, recently submitted to a retrofit process

Groenlandia Residential House
Fernanda Marques Groenlandia
Fernanda Marques Residential House
Fernanda Marques design
Fernanda Marques design
Fernanda Marques, Arquitetos Associados

A graduate of the University of São Paulo School of Architecture and Urbanism career is marked by the same conceptual thread that characterized her formative years integrated exercise of the various disciplines encompassed in a project construction interiors product design visual communication and landscaping The projects conceived in her practice combine this trait the essence of her style clean and contemporary and the best in the worlds art and design residences in São Paulo and New York as well as in the many ongoing projects in Miami