Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen Su Zhou Residential House
Su Zhou Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Su Zhou Residential House

If you are looking for a seamless blend of oriental and western culture, this is an example. This project has connected the historical culture of the region with the timeline of present, featuring both an oriental atmosphere and an international lifestyle. Thus, whether you are wearing the trendiest Italian clothing, or a Suzhou Cheongsam, would fit into the space.

Su Zhou Residential House
Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen Su Zhou
Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen Residential House
Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen design
Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen design
Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen

Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen are keen observers, patient explorers, and in-depth thinkers. They believe that design is a means of communicating between them and the world, and that everyone is a unique and valuable part of biodiversity. Feng and Chen Partners Design, founded by them and partners in 2001, pays great attention to creating a space with a unique touch of personality, emotion, and humanity. They hope to convey love, truth, and beauty through their design, and let people feel happiness in the space. Feng and Chen believe that this is also the designer's responsibility towards the society, and that maintaining a pure childlike innocence is the character that makes them interesting.

Feng and Chen Partners Design

Our client is a founder of an advertising company. Feng and Chen Partners Design was founded in 2001 in Shanghai by Guoqiang Feng and Yan Chen, who had worked together for over 25 years. Yan Chen has received her Interior Design degree at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, and was also an exchange artist at Cite Internationale Des Arts of Paris. Guoqiang Feng received his International Exclusive Master in Interior Design, granted by Politecnico di Milano. They believe that "Interior Design is the bonding between multiple things in an uncertain way, which then sublimates to a higher, spiritual resulting product. Including unique feelings, character, humanity, etc." Their past projects cover a range of Boutique Hotels, Restaurants, Club, Private Residence, Real Estate Sample Rooms, etc. Providing the client with services such as Interior Design, Garden Design, Furnitures and Display, Design Consultants, and more.