Yanming Yin Oriental esthetics Chinese style villa house
Oriental esthetics Chinese style villa house is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Oriental esthetics Chinese style villa house

The land of the ancient Shu Kingdom is a land abundant of natural and cultural resources. Here, the long history and cultural context is merged with the comfortable and elegant life, deducing an ideal painting scroll of Chinese contemporary residential life. The design pursues the spirit of Chinese literati through the leisurely details of the graceful living room, the auspicious views in the room, the walls of the bedrooms, and the decorative accessories.

Oriental esthetics Chinese style villa house
Yanming Yin Oriental esthetics
Yanming Yin Chinese style villa house
Yanming Yin design
Yanming Yin design
Yanming Yin

Working for more than 20 years, Mr. Yin has been always focused on the design of interior space and expression, with solid work style but abundant in variation, showing great talent in the design of boutique hotel, commercial real estate and commercial space. Mature and yet modest in the design method, Mr. Yin pays much attention to the balance between human and space, shape and color, striving to convey the beauty of artistic conception and standard design.

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Shenzhen Creative-Space Design and Decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. Its business scope covers hotel design, commercial real estate design, public building space design, commercial space design, and many other design fields. The firm is administrated by Mr. Yin Yanming who is entitled the Shenzhen Top-Ten Interior Designer and the Chinese National Top-100 Interior Designer. The firm’s design team is composed of experienced designers from different regions and varied professional and interdisciplinary design background. Throughout the years, the firm adheres to the Integration of idea and form design concept and aims to combine the fusion of life and art in spaces. In the past ten years, the company has carried out many commissioned design projects in more than twenty first-tier cities in China, and we have always been adhering to the business philosophy of innovative design and professional service. The company has won numerous design awards including the APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, China National Interior Design Competition, Interior Design Competition among Four Places across the Taiwan Strait, Jin-Tang Prize, to name a few. The company was rated as the China top-ten hotel design agency, the best interior design company of Shenzhen, the greater China's most influential design institute, and has formed a good strategic partnership with many domestic and global enterprises and won a universal trust for high design quality from the professional and public society.