Santiago Bautista Little Bo Flower vase
Little Bo Flower vase is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Little Bo Flower vase

Bo is a porcelain vase shaped like a headless animal. This design is meant to be completed by the flowers which become the head of the creature and define its final character. Bo is crafted in Spain by local artisans. Its exterior surface is sanded by hand giving the vase a matte finish and a uniform look.

Little Bo Flower vase
Santiago Bautista Little Bo
Santiago Bautista Flower vase
Santiago Bautista design
Santiago Bautista design
Santiago Bautista

Born in 1988 in Spain, Santiago Bautista is an architect, designer and entrepreneur currently living in Copenhagen. Santiago studied architecture between the cities of Madrid and Chicago, which allowed him to develop an international profile. After finishing his Master’s degree, Santiago moved to Copenhagen, inspired by the Danish architecture and design environment. Soon after arriving, Santiago got a job as an architect at the international architecture office Henning Larsen Architects, where he worked for almost four years in several international competitions and projects. On April 2016, Santiago decided to leave his job to follow his dream of starting his own product design business, Bau Design.

Bau Design

Bau Design is a Danish design studio established in 2016 by Spanish architect Santiago Bautista. Bau design appears in a climate of extreme consumerism where big brands are inviting the customers to buy new products every season. As a result, the quality of the products is dropping significantly to make them cheaper and less durable, promoting the idea of disposable products. Bau Design aims to design, produce and sell beautiful and durable products manufactured under fair labor conditions and market them at a price which aligns with the intrinsic value of the object.