Arman Nur Family Rings
Family Rings is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Family Rings

The story behind the creation of the rings relates to making present for Arman Nur's twin daughters’ birthday. Being identical twins, the girls have extremely different personalities. The rings display this difference through various color solutions and diverse figure motions while the invisible strong link between them is manifested by means of the chains. To depict the family in a complete way two more art works were added: mother's and father's rings . The presented art work is an example of both conceptual jewelry and minor plastic artwork.

Family Rings
Arman Nur Family
Arman Nur Rings
Arman Nur design
Arman Nur design
Arman Nur

Nur's experimental spirit makes possible daring combinations, he might apply wood, tortoise shell, tail hair of the African elephant or a whisker of a whale to objects made of gold and silver. Nur performs with such grace and harmony that the beholder gets convinced that nature itself has created this perfection. Minor plastic art has a special place in Nur's creative activities. Nur is a founder of a number of trends and styles, such as animated sculpture, dialogical psycho-realistic sculpture, sculptural composition with electronic content and conceptual jewelry. Nur's hallmark is that he never repeats himself, his every creation is unique and an absolute exclusive one of a kind.

NUR Design Studio

Nur Design Studio was founded in 1999 by Arman Nur. Nur is a famous contemporary Armenian painter, sculptor, designer and jeweler. He is learning from nature where all materials exist in full peace and harmony. He is just attempting to recreate what nature created long before. Nur’s hallmark is that he never repeats himself: his every creation is unique and an absolute exclusive one-of-a-kind. Once it has been created he never returns to that work to make a copy, he prefers to use that valuable time for creating new pieces. His concept is to work with each customer individually because he makes unique pieces and never repeats himself. He is having conversation with the potential customer and making the piece of art be it jewelry, sculpture or painting by his sole decision.